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Lauri Sass

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Wellness & Wellbeing Expert

Country: USA

Lauri Beth Sass is a transformative figure in the wellness industry, renowned for her journey from overcoming childhood trauma to becoming an influential force in energy medicine, coaching, and spiritual guidance. Hailing from Las Vegas, Lauri embodies resilience and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

Embarking on a pivotal journey, Lauri turned her personal challenges into sources of wisdom and strength. This path took her around the world, learning from spiritual masters and deepening her understanding of higher consciousness and energy. Lauri's healing work is rooted in her extensive personal experiences, making her approach to wellness both unique and profoundly effective.
Lauri has dedicated herself to her clients, providing coaching, healing, and energy
medicine that is both intuitive and deeply transformative. Clients often report immediate relief from physical and emotional ailments.

Currently working on her autobiography, Lauri aims to inspire others with her story of adversity, spiritual awakening, and purposeful living. Her life exemplifies the possibility of healing, growth, and alignment with one's highest purpose despite formidable challenges.

Lauri also contributes to spiritual retreats, sharing her energy and insights to create environments conducive to growth and enlightenment. Her work and life affirm that true wisdom comes from experience and that profound healing begins within.

As a coach who focuses on healing energy and spiritual advisor, Lauri Beth Sass stands as a testament to healing and personal evolution, offering hope and guidance to those on a journey of self-discovery and seeking to unlock their full potential.

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