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Intisar Alyamani


Country: United Kingdom


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Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Intisar Alyamani received her education from the UK since childhood and obtained a Masters in Communications from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Intisar has extensive years of experience in the field with a focus on East-West intercultural communication.

She is also a Goldsmiths taught abstract artist who began her art career in the noughties receiving awards for promoting Saudi art globally.

This holistic approach to the field of communications and creativity allowed for a synergy between Intisar's art practice and corporate work as a senior Communications Executive for the award winning global Saudi investment company, Kingdom Holding in Riyadh. Joining the Company in 2004.

Her main attribute is fluency in both the Arab Gulf and Western ‘cultural language’ dynamics and their nuances in work and life. Valuing their societal differences and the commonalities that unite us as humans and transcending the geographical divide for fruitful and sustained friendships. She has brought her extensive work in this area to the forefront and also to her art practice.

She is now an adviser to professionals in the fields of the arts, culture and society, and was one of the first Saudi artists to recently exhibit her art in the renowned cultural hub of London's Notting Hill.

Intisar was also a features writer for the leading Saudi English language newspaper Arab News and taught fine art at the King Fahad Academy in London.

She is a Trustee of the Saudi British Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and in her personal time, appreciates the performing arts and continues to write.

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