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Julie-Katerine Turcotte

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Founder, Global Glow

Country: Canada

Wellness Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Curator, and proud mom of three, Julie Katerine Turcotte is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Canada. At the age of 31, Julie was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and her life changed overnight. Following this unexpected diagnosis, she immediately set about a new way of life that would forever change her wellness journey. By altering her mindset and lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, stress and toxic surroundings, she freed herself from this disease and can proudly say that she has been medication-free since 2011 and has never felt better. 


Upon overcoming this autoimmune disease, Julie felt compelled to help heal others. She became a Health Coach so she could aid health-conscious people in reaching real, lasting results according to their bio-individuality. Julie is extremely passionate about empowering her clients and community in committing to and investing in their health. 


Julie’s own health journey & education have enabled her to gain knowledge in the areas of holistic nutrition, health coaching and preventative treatments. Drawing on her own experience, she works closely with her clients, helping them get to the root cause of their issue instead of just treating the symptoms. Julie’s mission is to guide her clients in achieving their health goals through living a balanced & sustainable lifestyle. From weight loss to improving energy levels, mood, complexion, digestion, circulation to hormonal imbalances and reducing overall inflammation in the body, Julie has supported thousands of clients in their health journeys. 


Julie’s health journey was the impetus behind the creation of Global Glow, a modern lifestyle company that offers a fresh, inspiring and empowering new way of embracing health & wellness. As the proud founder and CEO of Global Glow, Julie not only provides health coaching services but also offers the highest quality health, wellness and beauty products in her curated shop. From all-natural herbal supplements to cruelty-free & luxury skincare, the Global Glow shop is filled with Julie’s must-have products to begin your wellness journey, receive targeted support & maintain optimal health. 


Today, Global Glow has become a revered platform client’s turn to for expert content on topics from nutrition & recipes, gut health, wellness, beauty, clean skincare and much more. From learning to lead a more health conscious & sustainable lifestyle, to harnessing the power of all-natural, science packed supplements - Global Glow is here to support your goals. 


Visit Global Glow at to discover loads of insights on health & wellness, delicious recipes, informative blogs and Julie’s tried & trusted products. For more, discover daily wellness tips, tricks & healthy inspirations on @globalglowofficial. 

“Your most powerful & valuable asset is your health – Take care of it.” – Julie-Katerine

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