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Julie-Katerine Turcotte

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Health Coach and Founder of Global Glow

Country: Canada

Julie Katerine is a Health Coach, the founder of Global Glow, wellness entrepreneur, and mother of



After being diagnosed with early onset rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 31, Julie set out on a path of discovery of health and wellness. By altering her mindset and lifestyle, in terms of diet, exercise, stress, and toxic surroundings, she was able to directly mediate the impact of this autoimmune disease. She has been medication free since 2011 and has never felt better. This journey helped her gain immense knowledge with respect to autoimmune diseases and inflammation, which led her to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, HCA Licensed Health Coach™, as well as pursue Executive Education at Harvard Medical School.

Julie fundamentally believes that the future of healthy living is health coaching. Through her distinctive Bio-Individuality approach, Julie developed her bespoke Forever Well Program, helping clients from around the world identify the underlying cause of their health and wellness challenges, overseeing all pillars of life, including nutrition, movement, sleep, mindfulness, and environment. Her one-on-one consultations equip women with the tailored toolkit needed to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Global Glow is the by-product of Julie’s passion for healthy living through ultimate wellness. It serves as a vessel to educate, inform, and inspire women through blogs, recipes, and a curated e-shop.

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