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Katharine Pooley

Luxury Interior Designer

Country: United Kingdom


Katharine Pooley is one of the most sought-after interior designers working internationally today. Recently named ‘British Interior Designer of the Decade’ & ‘International Designer in Asia of the Year’, and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, her design ethos is both highly respected and uniquely far-reaching.

Her eponymous Knightsbridge design studio was established over 15 years ago and continues to create unmatched luxury interior designs for the most discerning clients. Overseeing her team of 47 interior designers and architects, she immerses herself in every detail of her client’s complex projects and thus ensures a loyal international client base for her impressive designs. 

An innate sense of adventure has defined Katharine’s life and shaped her design philosophy. Katharine is an intrepid traveller and has visited more than 150 countries. However, what may come as a surprise is that she has summited many of the worlds highest mountains, driven a team of dogs on a sled to the north pole, and crossed the Sahara on horseback, so one begins to form a picture of a tenacious and gutsy business woman & a truly original and adventurous interior designer.

Having spent a number of years working in finance in Hong Kong and Singapore, Katharine is a shrewd businesswoman and under her leadership Katharine Pooley Ltd has grown enormously each year from a UK firm undertaking a predominantly domestic project to an internationally well-respected brand and design studio encompassing architectural design, interior design, project management, product design and property development. 

Katharine works tirelessly in her philanthropic pursuits. Notable recent campaigns have included partnering with the Childhood Trust to aid London’s disadvantaged children in their ‘Decorate a Child’s Life’ program.

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