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Luxury Tailored Experiences

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Beyond Curated

Country: United Kingdom


Johara Global is pleased to partner with Beyond Curated, creators of the very finest private British heritage and cultural experiences.  

As a member of Johara Global, you can get access to some of the finest luxury experiences that Britain has to offer, tailored to your own unique requirements. The team at Beyond Curated go to extraordinary lengths to source the best of the best and deliver experiences which truly delight every guest. With the emphasis on privacy and a personal touch, each journey is infused with expertise, fastidious attention to detail and a signature ethos of excellence, fun and discovery of the unique. 


Linda Hugo, founder and managing director will personally oversee every aspect of your experience.  From helping you design a truly unique and memorable occasion, to personally sourcing and arranging the elements, and accompanying you throughout the experience, ensuring that every detail is attended to.

A taste of what you can expect:

  • Individually curated, private heritage and cultural experiences

  • Master Classes with renowned experts and gatekeepers, including - historians, royal authors, champagne and wine experts, world class entertainers, diamond experts, art connoisseurs and more…

  • Private visits to iconic historic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Westminster Abbey with behind the scenes insights - Experiences celebrating iconic British characters and British craftsmanship - Sumptuous private fine dining in extraordinary settings

  • Bond themed luxury experience and insights into the world and locations of Bond films in London with chauffer driven service

  • Personalised and seamless arrangements to suit your unique requirements - Impeccable attention to detail


Elements can be arranged in a combination that best suits you, with new elements sourced for clients seeking something off-menu. We understand that you have heightened security and privacy requirements and we are able to meet these, seamlessly and efficiently.

If you are interested in planning a unique experience with the team at Beyond Curated, please email us with details of your enquiry.

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