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Noora Hefzi


Fashion Designer

Country: UAE

Saudi born and Dubai based designer, Noora Hefzi launched her own-name fashion label in 2005. She has been selected among the six successful and inspiring women by A&E Magazine and Piaget. She wants to make her mark and be remembered as a healer, and someone who brought beauty to the world. 

Her fashion house is dedicated to make you stand out in a crowd. The designs are a reflection of the duality of Noora Hefzi's own sense of style; elegant, unexpected, with emphasis on contrasting colors and materials. Noora Hefzi masterfully captures the juxtaposition of the classic and contemporary by weaving unconventional metallic, embellished, and textured fabrics. The designer's aspiration is to provide women with timeless versatile pieces that allow the wearer to express her own individuality and unique sense of style, rather than simply conforming with current trends.


Noora's mission is to create pieces that withstand the test of time by evoking a sense of mid-century modern with an avant-garde and elegant aesthetic. Fashioned for the confident woman who is not afraid of making a statement.

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