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Rama Yaghi-Sifri

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In-House Education Consultant

Country: USA

Rama Yaghi-Sifri is Johara Global’s In-House Education Consultant. A cross-cultural communications and strategy consultant, Rama devised the creative strategy to optimize market positioning and branding at global businesses (Apptek; YPO), international organisations (World Economic Forum; UN), public institutions (American University of Technology; Blue Metropolis), and social enterprises (SciGirls; STEMmobile). 


As a social entrepreneur Rama specializes in cutting-edge experiential STEM learning projects for disadvantaged youth. She has been a script writer for educational media (Sesame Workshop). Rama has also worked as a lobbyist in Washington for special interest groups, leveraging her networking and diplomacy skills within a complex setting.


Rama is the founder of Bespoke Ivy, a high-end consultancy that designs and manages college admissions strategy for ambitious students from around the world targeting selective universities. Bespoke Ivy’s signature college consulting is anchored in a team of experts from leading industries and professions. They leverage their collective skills to advise and shape their student clients using proven industry strategies: actionable planning with clear deliverables, expert editing, effective communication, differentiating branding, leadership and startup mentoring, and professional hands-on management.

Rama is a native English and Arabic speaker, with excellent writing, editing, and communication skills in both languages, and fluent in French. She resides in New York City.

Rama has joined Johara Global as our exclusive in-house education consultant providing our members with a uniquely tailored service to help support and guide their children through the college application process.


Rama and her team at Bespoke Ivy, believe in shaping, mentoring, differentiating, and branding the applicant until the student becomes an unforgettable story. They tap into the applicant’s talents and strengths and both hone and capitalize on them. They identify any weaknesses and work with the student to eliminate or circumvent them. Then they guide the applicant in creating a captivating narrative in their own voice so that the story hooks the admissions officers at each target college.


Rama will arrange a 30 minute video consultation with our founding members and their college-bound children to discuss the college consulting process and guide you through the selection of best fit bespoke engagement options for your family.

The engagement options available from Bespoke Ivy include:


  • Customising parent and student questionnaires, capped with a brainstorming meeting.

  • Devising a Personal Strategic Action Plan — with clear deliverables and timeline — and closely managing its implementation. 

  • Advising on internships, school course selection, and mentorship opportunities.

  • Guiding extracurricular activity selection in order to enhance a student’s story.

  • Conceptualising, structuring, and facilitating a personalized project, for example a social enterprise project or Startup.

  • Creating a comprehensive standardized test strategy, if applicable.

  • Recommending academic and/or standardized test tutors, upon request.

  • Assisting in selecting and establishing good rapport with teachers who will later write letters of recommendation.

  • Designing an impactful gap year, if applicable.


  • Shaping and articulating the overarching story of the student.

  • Curating a list of 15 target/best-fit colleges and programs.

  • Providing tailored research into target colleges and associated majors or programs.

  • Devising an application strategy, including Early Action and Early Decision selection.

  • Navigating college fairs and meetings with college recruiters and interviewers.

  • Brainstorming ideas and editing multiple drafts of application essays.

  • Assisting in filling out applications and developing supplemental essays.

  • Reviewing and quality control of a student's entire application, prior to submission.


At Bespoke Ivy we go beyond college counseling. Our signature bespoke college consulting is anchored in our team of experts who bring many years of experience in leading industries and professions. Because our team is made up of more than just academic insiders, we have a distinctive multifaceted and worldly approach to coaching our students.

That is why our team includes a global cross-cultural communications and creative strategy expert; a New York Times bestselling author and startup advisor; a business expert at one of the top three world-leading consulting firms; a medical school pathway expert who is now a physician at one of the most distinguished U.S. healthcare facilities, and a branding expert who is one of the industry’s top professionals.  

We apply our collective skills to our student clients using proven industry strategies: actionable planning with clear deliverables, expert editing, effective communication, differentiating branding, leadership and startup mentoring, and professional hands-on management.

“Bespoke Ivy provided our daughter and us with focus and direction at a time of confusion and despair. Rama’s elegant directions, interpersonal skills, and personal experience guiding students into elite colleges were evident from our first encounter. After spending some time with our daughter, Bespoke Ivy devised a game plan with deliverables and deadlines. Rama was kind, personable, and assertive. Her expert plan was a paradigm shift in our daughter’s college admission trajectory. Our daughter was accepted at fourteen out of twenty top colleges. Our daughter decided to study neuroscience at Tufts University, and she couldn’t be happier.”- Parent Testimonial

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