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Reem Wyndham


Pillar Chair - Wealth Creation & Entrepreneurship

Strategic Early stage investor

Country: UK

Reem has over 15 years’ experience in technology and investments. Most recently Reem was an investor at ADV, a UK-focused, early-stage venture capital fund where she was responsible for direct investments with a focus on B2B and fintech businesses. In this role, she led and managed investments in 10 companies. Reem also led Partner Investing at ADV, driving co-investment opportunities with 12 of the UK’s top early stage funds and managing 5 LP investments.


Prior to coming to London, Reem was based in Abu Dhabi as a VP at Mubadala in their Advanced Technology vertical. She worked in several geographies including Singapore and Silicon Valley, integrating and managing several $Bn of foundry assets having been part of the core integration team post acquisition. She understands what corporates look for as she led the the initial Innovation Strategy analysis across eight of Mubadala’s sector verticals, working with Group Heads to identify key areas of competitive advantage and target levels of investment.


In addition to her institutional investing, Reem is an active angel investor with over 20+ portfolio companies. 


Reem is also the founder of a luxury goods brand where she established key relationships with producers in Asia and Middle East, qualifying new designs and retailing in 3 countries. She also has consumer experience working at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York on their fastest growing account. 


Reem has also been a civil society organiser in Lebanon and sat on the board of an education NGO supporting literacy amongst underprivileged and refugee populations. 


Reem created her own major, Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Brown University, where she graduated with Honors. Reem also has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Columbia Business School.

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