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Sawsan Al Bahiti

Saudi Opera Singer

Country: Saudi Arabia


Sawsan Albahiti, an artist, a coach and a pioneer. Referred to as the first Saudi opera singer, alongside her professional training, she continues to develop her career as an artist, vocal coach, and arts manager.

Sawsan began her training at the American University in Sharjah and continued to grow herself with additional assistance from renowned international artists and celebrity coaches from organizations, such as ‘The Metropolitan Opera NY’ ‘Strasbourg Opera House’, ‘Demitri Vdovinin the Young Artists program in Sochi Academy’, ‘Queen Elizabeth Chapel in Brussels’, and currently with the’ Conservatorio di Milano’.

Sawsan became certified as a vocal coach after completing the voice teacher training program at the New York Vocal Coaching center in 2019. After which she founded The Soulful Voice Institute for vocal training, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Albahiti has several media and retail collaborations and has a documentary short series episode about her career “HerStory” on the Middle East’s #1 Arabic content streaming platform.

She worked as an arts manager with the Music Commission of the Ministry of Culture in Saudi
Arabia (2021-2023) and lead several high-importance initiatives such as the establishment of the Saudi National Orchestra & Choir.

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